LaLa Tequila Blanco 38.0% 0.7L, Spirits
LaLa Tequila Blanco 38.0% 0.7L, Spirits

Tequila Blanco

Alcohol: 38.0%

456,00 SEK

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  • 0,7 L (651,43 SEK/L)
  • Incl. 25% VAT

About the product 🌵
From sun-kissed fields in the highlands of Jalisco, LALA Tequila captures the essence of carefully selected agaves. Each bottle tells the story of careful distillation that gives LALA Tequila a semi-sweet mouthfeel with rich herbaceous agave notes. Experience the character of Jalisco through aromas of ripe agave, olive oil and green fruits. A unique tequila experience that invites you to explore the rich flavor nuances of traditional craftsmanship.

Flavor profile 🍹
Tequila Blanco from LALA Tequila presents a harmonious blend of sweetness and herbal notes. The initial taste brings memories of ripe agave and olive oil, followed by fresh fruit notes such as apple. An undertone of anise adds a spicy dimension, while the scent of freshly cut grass completes the experience. The mouthfeel is soft and semi-sweet, ideal for enjoying neat or as an important ingredient in premium cocktails.

About the producer 🏞️
Jalisco meets Amsterdam in LALA Tequila. The heart of LALA beats in the rhythms of two cities - one representing deep-rooted tradition, the other, bold innovation. LALA Tequila is not just a drink, but a statement of equality, growth and unlimited ambition. Each bottle reflects the commitment to authenticity, innovation and a sustainable future.

  • Alcohol: 38.0% vol.

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