Norrbottens FUSION.004.Schnaps 38.0% 0.7L, Spirits
Norrbottens FUSION.004.Schnaps 38.0% 0.7L, Spirits

FUSION 004 Schnaps

Alcohol: 38.0%

319,00 SEK

  • 0,7 L (455,71 SEK/L)
  • Incl. 25% VAT

"The best aquavit of the year." - Everyone.

About the product 🌿
Norrbottens Destilleri proudly presents their FUSION.004.Schnaps, an exclusive aquavit that combines carefully selected ingredients to create a harmonious balance between traditional flavors and innovative nuances. The delicate flavors of cumin and dill form a familiar base, while the characteristic bite of batak pepper adds crispness and notes of sun-dried citrus. To round out the flavor profile, we've added the subtle heat of roasted sweet fennel, which adds a soothing and aromatic dimension.

Flavor profile 🍹
FUSION.004.Schnaps delivers a unique taste experience that balances tradition and innovation. The gentle notes of cumin and dill create a familiar ground, while the distinctive bite of the batak pepper adds freshness and hints of sun-dried citrus. The subtle warmth of roasted sweet fennel rounds off and adds a soothing and aromatic dimension. Schnapps is created with care and precision to deliver an aquavit that stands out with its complex flavor profile and authentic character.

About the Maker 🏞️
Norrbottens Destilleri, located in Töre, Sweden, is known for their dedication to creating unique spirits experiences. Every drop of FUSION.004.Schnaps bears the stamp of the distillery's commitment to combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative flavor combinations. From the northern Swedish nature, the distillery draws inspiration and ingredients to create spirits that unite the past with the future.

  • Alcohol: 38.0% vol.
  • OrganicDK-ØKO-100

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