Norrbottens FUSION.002.Forest 40.5% 0.7L, Spirits
Norrbottens FUSION.002.Forest 40.5% 0.7L, Spirits

FUSION 002 Forest

Alcohol: 40.5%

410,00 SEK

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  • 0,7 L (585,71 SEK/L)
  • Incl. 25% VAT

An extraordinary adventure crafted for those who have a keen appreciation for the delicate nuances.

About the product 🌲
A well-balanced gin that fuses organic botanicals from the taiga forests in Norrbotten with organic cloves. Created on a base of hand-picked Macedonian juniper berries, Forest is distilled at a leisurely pace with notes of pine, spruce and cloves, resulting in a rich and rounded flavor that preserves the uniqueness of each botanical without letting one ingredient dominate. With its smooth, oily texture, this gin is perfect for enjoying neat over ice, preferably over longer periods.

Flavor profile 🍸
Forest offers a taste experience that embraces the softness of the taiga forests and the spicy depth of cloves. The well-balanced blend of juniper, pine, spruce and cloves creates a gin that is as suitable to be enjoyed neat as it is in cocktails.

About the Maker 🏞️
Norrbottens Destilleri, located in Töre, Sweden, is a small distillery in a special class. Their products are created from organic ingredients, grown in responsible farms near and far. The location in northern Sweden characterizes their approach, where they respect and protect the local ecosystem. Norrbottens Destilleri is known for their fusion principle, which involves carefully selected organic ingredients combined in ways that add new layers of flavor.

  • Alcohol: 40.5% vol.
  • OrganicDK-ØKO-100

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