Blackmoor Spiced Rum 42.0% 0.7L, Spirits

Blackmoor Spiced Rum

Alcohol: 42.0%

570,00 SEK

  • 0,7 L (814,29 SEK/L)
  • Incl. 25% VAT

About the Product ๐Ÿฅƒ
Introducing Blackmoor Spiced Rum from Exmoor Distillery, a 42%ABV delight born at the Western gateway to Exmoor. Crafted from our signature Silver Rum infused with carefully selected spices, it boasts a golden hue and a symphony of flavors. This British gem is not just a drink; it's an experience. Versatile and sophisticated, Blackmoor Spiced Rum is the local premium choice, a true celebration of craftsmanship and innovation.

Tasting Notes ๐Ÿน
Indulge in the rich warmth of Blackmoor Spiced Rum, a sweet and sophisticated journey into the world of well-balanced, carefully crafted, and expensive spiced rum. Sip on the complexity of flavors, enjoy it neat, over ice, or mixedโ€”it's a versatile delight. The golden hue and fragrant spices invite you into a sensory masterpiece, crafted with dedication and passion in the heart of Exmoor. This is not just a spiced rum; it's an aromatic experience.

About Exmoor Distillery ๐Ÿž๏ธ
Nestled in Somerset's picturesque landscapes, Exmoor Distillery is a family-run haven for artisan crafted spirits. Led by master distiller John Smith, a visionary in crafting exceptional spirits, the distillery began its journey with gin in 2017. Now, their repertoire includes meticulously crafted vodka and exquisite British rum. Proudly supporting local communities, Exmoor Distillery reflects Somerset, Devon, and Exmoor's spirit with authenticity, uncompromising quality, and cherished family values.

  • Alcohol: 42.0% vol.

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