DEFY Organic Italien Rose´ Wine 13.0% 0.25L, Wine

Organic Spanish Rosé wine

Alcohol: 13.0%

61,00 SEK

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  • 0,25 L (244,00 SEK/L)
  • Incl. 25% VAT

About the Product 🍇
Get ready to redefine your rosé experience with DEFY's Organic Spanish Rosé wine. It's not your typical sip of summer; it's unapologetically just what it should be – a damn good rosé. Packed in cans for 70% less CO2, our wine remains crisp and refreshing, proving that sustainability doesn't compromise quality. Dive into the rebellion, embrace the taste, and let DEFY be your choice for guilt-free indulgence.

Tasting Notes 🍷
This rosé is more than a sip; it's an experience. With a crisp 13% ABV, it embodies the essence of organic and vegan-friendly goodness. Forget floral fantasies and picnic dreams; DEFY's rosé is straightforward and refreshing, a rebellion against the norm. Trust the palate, and savor the uncomplicated pleasure – it's not just a wine; it's DEFY's commitment to taste, quality, and breaking away from the ordinary.

About DEFY 🍾
At DEFY, they're shaking up the wine scene without the fuss. Passionate about quality but allergic to pretension, DEFY delivers delicious, organic, and vegan-friendly Italian wines. Crafted in cans and kegs, they defy traditions, making wine accessible without sacrificing taste. No need for wine education; DEFY stands for straightforward enjoyment, where cans mean freedom, and breaking norms is a celebration. Join the rebellion – DEFY, reinvent, and savor the simplicity.

  • Alcohol: 13.0% vol.
  • OrganicDK-ØKO-100

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